The exhibition "Forests - the Past and the Present"
        The exhibition tells a story about our forests, starting from the Atlantic Period, covering the period from 8000 up to 5000 years ago, when 90% of the area of today’s Poland was covered by the primary forest, until today. It explains the transformation of natural forest stands into the agricultural ones. At the end, in the summary it asks serious questions to which we still do not have precise answer and which can be summarized in two words: “What’s next?”
      Besides the historic deliberation, the exhibition also offers a rich illustration of natural environment, not only of natural forests but also the agricultural ones. Photographs present basic forest communities, but also flowers and fruits of trees and bushes, herbs, mosses, lichens and insects. Tiny details, such as tree flowers, lichens or insects are depicted in a very big enlargement, on the 40×60 cm size photographs. The photographs are accompanied with showcases hiding natural exhibits. Separate showcases are dedicated to insects pests of the forest trees.
        The exhibition is educational in nature. On the one hand, it acquaints with trees, as well as with other insects and plants. It shows their role in the environment. On the other hand, it discusses the key issues of forest protection and shapes the ecological awareness and responsibility of people for the natural heritage.


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