The exhibition "Tatra Mountains - Nature, People, Culture"
        The wall displays show the most beautiful landscapes of Tatras – High, Western and Bielskie. The photographs are big, the size is 16 inch × 24 inch. They introduce the visitor into various topics, all connected with the Tatras natural environment. The history and geological structure is also presented in display cases containing rocks and minerals. Tables and line graphs show the climate of every season. Flora and fauna is demonstrated with pictures of animals, macroscopic photographs of plants and insects, as well as herbariums and entomological display cases with insects in them. Another topic is tourist attractions in the Tatras (The Tatra National Park, the most interesting tourist routes, the Tatra lakes). The exhibition warns against dangers (accidents, storms, avalanches). The visitor can learn about mountaineering in the Tatras – its history and present times. The final part of the exhibition refers to the architecture of Zakopane. There is also a gallery presenting the most outstanding people of culture who were connected with Tatra Mountains.
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