"Nature - the Perfect Mechanism". The exhibition on ecology
         The word “ecology” has become a buzzword lately in the Polish language. We have ecological food, ecological products, ecological technologies. Many people equate ecology with the environment protection. We abuse this word because in fact ecology is a science attempting to explain the relations and connections that occur in nature, the way its mechanism works. And that is what – the correct meaning of the word “ecology” – the exhibition “Nature – the Perfect Mechanism” focuses on. It explains who produces organic compounds and thus maintains life on Earth, and who takes advantage of them. It shows a complicated network of relationships, thanks to which ecosystems remain in balance (it discusses food chains and networks, competition, predatory behaviours, parasitism, symbiosis). It makes it clear that in the natural “technological process” there is neither a beginning nor an end. Nature works in a closed cycle and so does not produce waste, remaining an unattainable model for people. Each theme of the exhibition consists of a plaque and the highest quality photographs that deliver an aesthetic experience. There are showcases of: insects, feeding areas, leafs, fruits, bark of trees, herbals, fungi, mosses, lichens, etc.).


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