Wiktor Majak
Welcome to my website dedicated to all those, whom beauty of nature is not indifferent. Here you will find the information about four nature exhibitions. These exhibitions have been circulating around Poland and they already visited over 100 museums, culture centers and environmental education centers. If you would like to borrow and expose any of my Expositions, please do not hesitate contacting me.
All nature enthusiasts will surely be interested in our wide collection of photos capturing beauty of nature. They may very well make the interior of our homes and offices.
In addition, the website presents teaching aids for biology and environmental education.
Publishers of books and magazines are welcomed to cooperate with us.
            We love to pick mushrooms, go fishing, plant flowers and walk through the forest. How wonderful would be, if our children left computers behind and enjoyed beauty of nature. But the real bond with nature, strong and durable, comes only through knowledge. Someone who knows whether blackbird or chaffinch sings over his head and whether the Swallowtail butterfly or the Peacock butterfly flies-by is truly at home and surrounded by friends.
            How to get closer to the nature? There are many colorful books and beautiful movies about animals and plants but still the most memorable nature experience is through the good nature exhibition.